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With grandparents that owned a grocery store and 80 acre farm and two parents that have had successful careers in direct sales, entrepreneurship was a normal way of life. Here is a partial list of some of Kurtis Kintzel's business ventures:


  • After graduating from lemon aide stands, Kintzel's first venture in business was the creation of a marketing firm on the Big Island of Hawaii. He and a few friends created a 2 day business by bottling sand off the beaches, sticking a label to it "Hawaiin Sand" and selling nearly 200 bottles for $1.00/unit - decent funds for an 8 year old in 1973.
  • Owned and operated a sun glass operation that expanded into 4 retail outlets (swap meet booths)
  • Set sales records in auto insurance, then advanced to the post of Vice President of Sales and set more sales records producing over 800 new customers per week;
  •  Created a telephone company from start-up acting as the first sales rep to a nationwide firm with 125 staff generating over 4,000 customers per week.
  • Owned a network marketing division of the telecommunications firm that generated over 15,000 distributors within 2 years from start.
  • Purchased and sold over 25 homes on contract, helping people that could never become home owners own a home.
  • Created and expanded an online marketing firm that has now helped over 5,000 businesses expand utilizing the internet.
  • Created a baseball organization that has helped players improve their skills with some getting college scholarships and some drafted into the pros right out of high school. 

Business hasn't always been perfect and things haven't always worked out as planned, but nearly all customers, staff and business associates have done better because of the services provided or associations with Kintzel's orgnizations.



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